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amazon ' Chase Paymentech' Amazon Flexible Payments
This is one of the most popular processing engines due to Amazon Web Services' (AWS) popularity, but it's still a different animal from the rest of our field. That's because while Amazon processes payments, they view themselves simply as>
Chase Paymentech
Eftersom den hanteras av Chase, stöder den här en-till-änden-lösningen en mängd olika prissättningsstrukturer som kan anpassas beroende på dina behov. Den inkluderade betalningsbearbetningsappen är utmärkt, men det faktum att läsaren inte ingår är en svaghet. Alternativet för högre läsare stöder alla funktioner i vår lista, men det kan variera beroende på vilken läsare du väljer. Emellertid är behandlingsavgifter och kundsupport utmärkta. ' First Data'
A popular processing provider, offers most of the features you should be looking for, including a free reader and a reader app, free initial setup, and good customer support. However, the company is not up-front about its fee structure-you' ll need to engage with a salesperson before you can find out what they intend to charge you, and this will vary depending on your>
Första data
Denna solida tjänst tillhandahåller bearbetning på nätet, tegel och murbruk och som mobiltransaktioner, även om den saknar stöd för PayPal. Det innehåller bra säkerhetsfunktioner och kundsupport. Men det debiterar en transaktionsavgiftsstruktur och dess kostnader är inte de lägsta i detta segment. Men det har ett gott rykte, så extrakostnaden kan vara värt det för din operation.

Flaggskeppshandlare ' Free' Flagship Merchant Services
This is one of the best options for small businesses on a feature-by-feature basis. Setup is free, credit card readers (online, retail, and mobile) are free and they have flexible pricing that works on a month-to-month basis in addition to the usual two- or three-year commitment plan, which decreases the risk of early-termination fees. The service does lack support for PayPal and won' t provide site testing capability, but it should still be a very attractive competitor for most small businesses.
Detta är ett attraktivt alternativ för mycket små företag eftersom Free har några av de lägsta transaktionsnivåerna tillgängliga tillsammans med gratis installation. Avvägningen är att dess betalnings gateway i allmänhet tar upp till 24 timmar längre tid att bearbeta en transaktion än konkurrensen gör. Detta är emellertid mindre viktigt för mycket små företag än för större. Utöver detta har Free en mycket konkurrenskraftig funktionsuppsättning och bra kundsupport till ett mycket attraktivt pris.

Intuit Merchant Service ' Leaders Merchant Services' Intuit Merchant Service
Otherwise known as Intuit QuickBooks Payments, this is another popular choice with small businesses that also use the QuickBooks accounting platform. The two are tightly integrated with fast reporting delivered directly to the accounting software as well as online and mobile versions. However, Intuit is a little weak on the e-tailing side, lacking support for shopping carts, site testing, or processing APIs. But for small businesses looking primarily for brick-and-mortar or mobile processing with an online component, Intuit is a solid choice with decent pricing.
Leaders Merchant Services
This is another very attractive and flexible competitor for most small business situations. The fee structure is attractive and startup costs are free, but fees can vary depending on the card being processed, so you should investigate this carefully and weigh it against your customer base. However, Leaders includes all the major features you should be considering as well as good customer support, so this is definitely one of our leading contenders.

' Merchant One' ' paypal' Merchant One
This is one of the blue chips of credit card processing, with an excellent reputation for businesses of any size. Because of this breadth, however, its fee structure is centered only around traditional lines, meaning multi-year commitments with the possibility of fee hikes and early-termination or cancellation fees. However, its feature set is great and its customer service is good, though we would have liked live chat support in addition to phone and email.
Yes, you can use PayPal as an end-to-end online credit card processing engine; it' s not just a payment service aimed at consumers. PayPal allows flexible month-to-month transaction-based fees, which means>